Hanotiau & van den Berg



  • Dealing with Quantum Submissions on Future Damage

    par Niuscha Bassiri - 01.02.2018

    SCAI Innovation Conference, Zurich, 1 février 2018

  • PCA investment arbitration practice and procedure

    par Niuscha Bassiri - 06.11.2017

    ECT Investment Arbitration Masterclass, Brussels, 6 novembre 2017

  • Enforceability of South-Korean Awards in Belgium

    par Niuscha Bassiri - 25.10.2017

    Joint CEPANI-KCAB Events, Brussels, 25 octobre 2017

  • What are the main issues when implementing the rebranding of a franchise network?

    par Pascal Hollander - 10.06.2017

    IDI Conference 2017, Paris, 10 juin 2017

  • The impact of the CDC Hydrogen Peroxide judgment on present and future arbitration agreements

    par Pascal Hollander - 28.04.2017

    SCC-CEA Joint Conference on EU Competition Law and Arbitration, Stockholm, 28 avril 2017

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation, Arbitration, The advantages and disadvantages)

    par Pascal Hollander - 17.03.2017

    International Symposium on Franchising, Royal Garden Hotel London, 17 mars 2017

  • 2016′s Hot Topics: change is in the air

    par Niuscha Bassiri - 08.12.2016

    ICC YAF/ICDR Y&I/Young ICSID Joint Conference, Paris, 8 décembre 2016

  • Arbitration and Commercial Distribution: A Marriage of Fire and Water?

    par Pascal Hollander - 27.10.2016

    ICC-YAF Conference Turin, 4 novembre 2016

  • Can I lie about the facts before the Arbitral Tribunals in the light of the IBA guidelines on party representation?

    par Pascal Hollander - 14.10.2016

    IADC International Corporate Counsel College, Warwick, Bruxelles, Belgique, 14 octobre 2016

  • Impact on Data Evolution on Discovery before Arbitral Tribunals in light of the IBA guidelines on Party Representation

    par Niuscha Bassiri - 13.10.2016

    IADC International Corporate Counsel Conference, Brussels, 13 octobre 2016