Hanotiau & van den Berg

Speaking engagements

Speaking engagements | December 2012

  • Conducting Arbitration: the Tribunal’s View

    by Bernard Hanotiau - 13.12.2012

    Singapore International Arbitration Academy Part 7: Skills Development and Advocacy, Singapore, 13 December 2012

  • Are BITs and FTAs drafted with sufficient clarity to give guidance to tribunals?

    by Bernard Hanotiau - 12.12.2012

    3rd Singapore Conference on International Investment Arbitration, Centre for International Law (CIL), National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore, 12 December 2012

  • An African Seat for the 21st Century

    by Albert Jan van den Berg - 10.12.2012

    MIAC, Balaclava (Mauritius), 10-11 December 2012