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News | May 2021


    by HVDB - 01.05.2021

    In its Arbitration 2021 Legal Marketplace Analysis, Who’s Who Legal (WWL), ranked eight of the firm’s lawyers as leaders in the practice areas of international arbitration, commercial litigation and franchise. Of these, partners Bernard Hanotiau and Albert Jan van den Berg were again acknowledged as among the world’s top Global Elite Thought Leaders in international arbitration. Partner Pascal Hollander is distinguished as an Arbitration Thought Leader, while partner Paul Lefebvre comes Recommended in the Commercial Litigation practice area. Partners Maarten Draye and Iuliana Iancu, together with counsel Emily Hay, were each ranked as Future Leaders in Arbitration.

    Bernard Hanotiau is again recognized by his peers and clients as “[a] global elite arbitrator with a well-deserved reputation”, who “is a superstar”, according to sources, who highlight his “truly international” practice.

    Albert Jan van den Berg is named by his peers and clients as “one of the biggest names on the global arbitration circuit”, with “an excellent reputation”. WWL sources further attest to his “deep knowledge and vast experience”.

    Niuscha Bassiri is once more recognized as an Arbitration Thought Leader, with her peers and clients recommending her as an “elegant and skilful arbitrator” who has “deep experience in international commercial arbitration and construction” disputes.

    Pascal Hollander is identified by his peers and clients as “one of the top names in the market” who is known to show “exceptional strength on arbitration cases.

    Paul Lefebvre is singled out by his peers and clients as an “experienced, smart and considerate arbitrator” who has “a stella reputation”.

    Maarten Draye is known by his peers and clients as “ha[ving] the knowledge and experience to be one of the next leaders in international arbitration” who is “[o]ne of the foremost young arbitration practitioners in Belgium”.

    Iuliana Iancu is recognized by her peers and clients as “a brilliantly talented attorney with a deep knowledge of international commercial and investment treaty arbitration” who is “[w]ithout any question one of the smartest lawyers around”.

    Emily Hay is regarded by her peers and clients as “an astute and dedicated lawyer who pays great attention to details” and who is “very meticulous and brilliantly impressive”.

    In its Franchise 2021 Legal Marketplace Analysis, WWL ranked Pascal Hollander as a Global Elite Thought Leader, renowned as “an exceptional arbitrator and litigator who has a wealth of experience acting in franchise disputes”.


    by HVDB - 01.05.2021

    In its 2021 Guide, Chambers and Partners again ranked HVDB among the top three law firms in Band 1 for dispute resolution in Belgium. Chambers recommends HVDB as a “[m]arket-leading boutique with renowned expertise in international arbitration” and an “[e]xceptionally strong group of arbitrators acting on large-scale cross-border disputes involving commercial companies and governments, representing clients as arbitration counsel, as well as sitting as arbitrators on complex cases”.

    Albert Jan Van den Berg is described as “one of the most renowned arbitrators in the world” by a Chambers source with “a wealth of experience acting as an arbitrator on international arbitrations spanning a wide range of sectors.

    Bernard Hanotiau comes recommended by Chambers as “a highly esteemed international arbitrator with vast experience acting as both an arbitrator and as arbitration counsel.

    Pascal Hollander is distinguished by Chambers as “represent[ing] clients in high-profile arbitrations, often involving commercial or trade disputes”, who “files excellent submissions and is a very good advocate in a hearing.

    Paul Lefebvre is recognized as “a member of the Belgian Supreme Court and regularly acts as chairman and co-arbitrator on both institutional and ad hoc arbitrations.

    HVDB partners Bernard Hanotiau and Albert Jan van den Berg are, again, featured in Band 1 of the most in demand arbitrators world-wide. Together with Pascal Hollander, they equally feature in the category most in demand arbitrators Europe-wide. Along with Paul Lefebvre, they are each recognized for Dispute Resolution: Arbitration in Belgium.