Hanotiau & van den Berg


Publications | April 1981

  • The New York Arbitration Convention of 1958- Towards a Uniform Judicial Interpretation

    by Albert Jan van den Berg - 1981

    Thesis, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Kluwer Law International, 1981

  • Tenuitvoerlegging en aantasting van arbitrale vonnissen in Nederland (Enforcement of and means of recourse against arbitral awards in The Netherlands)

    by Albert Jan van den Berg - 1981

    in Tijdschrift voor Arbitrage, 1981/4 (104-110)

  • Arbitration in the Netherlands, Netherlands Arbitration Institute (27 March 1981), paper submitted to the ESC Ltd. Conference on Arbitration under International Commercial Contracts

    by Albert Jan van den Berg - 1981

    in Current Issues and Practical Problems, London, 7/8 May 1981