Hanotiau & van den Berg



  • Charles Brower’s problem with 100% – Dissenting opinions by party-appointed arbitrators in investment arbitration

    by Albert Jan van den Berg - 2015

    in Arbitration International, Vol. 31(3), 2015

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  • Conflits de lois et de juridictions et questions touchant à l’arbitrage en matière de contrats de distribution commerciale

    by Pascal Hollander - 2015

    in “Regards croisés sur la distribution: concession, agence et franchise”, Larcier, 2015, p.127


    by Maarten Draye - 2015

    Niuscha Bassiri and Maarten Draye (eds.), Kluwer International Law, 2015

  • Confidentiality under Art. 44 Swiss Rules

    by Pascal Hollander - 2015

    10 Years of Swiss Rules of International Arbitration (N. Voser, Ed.), ASA Special Series n° 44, p.83

  • Choosing the right forum for your client’s dispute

    by Pascal Hollander - 2015

    What Counsel in Arbitration can do, must do and must not do, Bruylant, 2015, p.41

  • Chapter “Brussels” in Michael Ostrove, Claudia T. Solomon and B. Shiffman (eds.), Choice of Venue in International Arbitration

    by Maarten Draye - 2014

    Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2014 (co-author Pascal Hollander)

  • L’arrêt UNAMAR: une bombe atomique sur le droit belge de la distribution commerciale?

    by Pascal Hollander - 2014

    Journal des Tribunaux (J.T.), 2014, p.297

  • Commentaries on Court Decisions on the New York Convention of 1958

    by Albert Jan van den Berg - 2014

    in Yearbook Comm. Arb., Vol. XXXIX, Kluwer Law International, 2014 (307-644)

  • Yearbook Commercial Arbitration

    by Albert Jan van den Berg - 2014

    Vol. XXXIX, Kluwer Law International, 2014

  • Challenging the “Splitting the baby” myth in International Arbitration

    by Albert Jan van den Berg - 2014

    in 31(5) Journal of International Arbitration (2014) (co-authored with 2012-2014 Young ICCA Mentoring Program Members), 2014

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